About Us

Herb Knudsen founded Natural Fibers Corporation in 1987.

Family owned and second generation, Herb Knudsen started Natural Fibers Corporation, with a dream over 32 years ago. A dream that could change the World.

Having worked with milkweed at Standard Oil of Ohio, he fell in love with the plant and how the fiber could be used. After Herb purchased the concept from SOHIO, his daughter Debbie, was his first employee and is now leading the company into the future.

We pride ourselves in finding win, win, solutions for our industry partners, our customers, stewards of natural monarch habitats, rural communities, and the environment. We find joy in working WITH Nature to develop and deliver milkweed products to people and corporate innovation partners who believe that business can be the most powerful change agent for good.

What’s YOUR dream? We invite you to embrace biodiversity and economic development by using creativity and the unique renewable, natural resource of milkweed in everyday products. Whether you choose to buy our products or have the ability to spearhead innovation at YOUR company using environmentally positive practices, join the Milkweed Movement and change the world! We can do it!

Your collaborators for positive change,

Herb and Debbie


Using the renewable, natural resources within rural communities helps protect monarch habitat and allows communities to thrive.

Monarch Flyway is a program we developed over 30 years and is modeled after the Milkweed Collections of World War II.

Sustainable Monarch 501c3 administers the Monarch Flyway Program.

Now, Sustainable Monarch, a 501c3, runs and administers the Monarch Flyway Program whose key objectives are to Save WILD Milkweed Stands filled with Biodiversity and Support Local Communities who Protect Habitat.

Natural Fibers Corporation sponsors collections every year to meet their demand for milkweed materials. When demand is high, more milkweed is able to be utilized. We encourage your company to join Sustainable Monarch in the efforts to expand the program and sponsor their work. The demand for more milkweed allows mMonarch Flyway protects biodiversity by creating value in products.ore monarch habitat to be saved from other land uses: think parking lots and traditional agriculture. 

Healthy monarch habitat requires biodiversity which increases soil health, improves water quality, and captures carbon. Prairies are ideal habitats for many other types of wildlife as well as other pollinators. 

While the Monarch Flyway Program helps conserve our renewable, natural resources, it also helps engage communities in conservation while boosting local economies. When companies innovate with milkweed materials from the Monarch Flyway Program, they create a compounding effect with social and environmental benefits that can grow larger every year. 

Multiple generations go pick milkweed to engage with nature, each other, and earn extra income. Multiple generations go pick milkweed pods to engage with nature, each other, and earn extra income. Finding caterpillars and working toward something special whether for themselves or fundraising for a community project,  working with Nature is a key to protecting their landscapes and natural resources. 

The more industry uses milkweed materials in their innovations, the more good can flow into rural areas that save natural lands.